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Sometime last year my sister sent us a link to Dar La Teta Es Dar Vida - roughly translated as "Breasts are Life" - a public service announcement for breastfeeding from Puerto Rico. My daughter loves (loves, LOVES) the video and we love the song Duerme Negrito used in the video, which got me finding out who sang the song, a woman named Mercedes Sosa who has an amazing history. Mercedes Sosa passed away today, she'll be missed.

On the one hand, this article is an examination of a teaching method...on the other, it's an argument for live-roleplaying games for learning:

Can the Right Kinds of Play Teach Self-Control?

After years, MTV does something I'll pay attention to.

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iPhones don't do video recording, unless you hack them. Having a one year old who is getting into walking and talking, I want, no, I •need• that feature to satisfy far-flung family, or at least satisfy my obsessive need to document each new moment (and then have backups, both on and off-site).

So, last night I ran QuickPwn and installed Cycorder and now my needs are satisfied. At one point I had a terminal window up on my laptop while running SSH into the phone, and was struck by some weird irony of passing time:

Twenty years ago I was using a VT-100 dumb terminal to connect to a vastly more powerful DEC-20 miniframe, last night I was using a terminal emulator on my laptop that is thousands of times more powerful than that DEC-20, to run software on my •phone•, itself probably dozens of times more powerful than that DEC-20.

What will I be doing 20 years from now that has seeds in something I'm doing today?

Antara & Delilah wrote this song seven years ago now.

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There's first nursing, first pee, first turning over, first crawl, first solid food, and now first (organic wheat-free) Cheerios strewn all over the back seat of the car. The best part is that I did the spilling, not the girl, while trying to clean up said car.

Lilyana was digging through some old boardgames and managed to open up the box for Boggle. Deliliah and I both thought "Look, the letters spell CHOKE HAZARD!"

I know I would've had waay too much fun with this:

Plastic welder toy for kids

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I've got a new toy/personal productivity device/fetish object - an iPhone. My brother-in-law James decided to celebrate his new job by getting the iPhone 3G, so Friday morning we got in line at 5:30am at the local AT&T store. 15 minutes after the store opened, James walked out with his new fetish object and gave me his old one. I have the best brother-in-law in the world! My other BIL Jon got up and brought us breakfast in line, so he's right up there as well.

It's a good thing Delilah and Lilyana were away because for the next 36 hours or so I was just playing with my new toy - I mean, configuring this very useful device to meet the needs of my business, right?

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